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    PHP-LOGIN project

A collection of 4 similar PHP login / authentication scripts for different use cases.
From simple one-file login with SQLite flat-file database to professional Composer-using MVC application.
Built with the official PHP 5.5 password hashing functions (100% backwards compatibility pack for PHP 5.3 and PHP 5.4 included).
Clean, modern, future-proof, documented, commented, object-oriented and fits the PSR-1/2 coding guidelines.

HUGE, the new v3.0 DEMO

MVC framework (old-stable, v2.1) DEMO

Advanced DEMO

Minimal DEMO

One-file DEMO

four similar versions

The original project (which tried to build a proper alternative to all these horribly wrong, insecure and outdated login tutorials on the web) has grown to 4 independent scripts, each one useful for different use-cases and coding-skill levels.

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